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Our New website is access to a  Single Point Portal of value-driven Real Estate Property Searches for California properties, Market Trend and Financing Information resource utilizing Real-Time data fostered by long term business resources coupled with New Generation Video & Media via Pro-Produced Audio & Video content for mast On-Line, Mobile devises, TV distribution utilizing Arial UMV-Drones and "Coming Soon"360-Degree-Virtual Reality Previewing.   Our goal is to provide a Real Estate service company to negotiate the "Purchase or Listing"contract process that is clear with focused strategies that achieve the transparency, accountability and commitment to excellence service.

UPR is founded by Paul Marcos Twilegar, a California Real Estate Broker & MLO-(Mortgage Loan Originator) that has provided professional broker representation, financial services and property management  with a support team that work cohesively toward precise  execution for 28 years.  We are confident that our associates will facilitates the Due Diligence and maintain dialog that will keep all negotiations in place including best financing options that deliver quick, accurate and today's competitive rates within the allotted escrow time frame.

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